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December 23 2014


Resolving issues sitting remotely, now possible with Remote desktop

There are many times when you would want to have an issue resolved wither on your laptop or would want to solve an issue on somebodyelse’s laptop but the issue that you guys are sitting in different location. The only way you can do this is to call up that guy and explain to him on phone what went wrong or how to resolve an issue. If you have done this in past, you would already know that it is a very time consuming and confusing process. You have to make the other guy understand what exactly the problem is and he is not able to get the point since he does not see your screen or what is happening on your screen. Hence the confusion and hence the wastage of precious time.

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Now you would be happy to know that there is a way that you can use to get help easily and you wouldn’t have to do anything. You would have to simply sit back and relax and stare at the screen. A guy could easily take control of your screen and help you with stuff. This way the other professionals or let’s say technical support person would be able to do the things for you and you wouldn’t have to spend time explaining to him what went wrong.

Microsoft is here with a solution

Microsoft remote desktop is here that is making the life so much easier. This is a software that has been made by Microsoft and is coming pre-installed with Windows machines. The software or the tool has so many uses.

1. You can easily sit at home and access your workplace machine by connecting to the workplace server. You can also take access of the server that is there in the Data control centre.

2. You can also access a CCTV camera for example that does not have its own dedicated monitor.

3. You can log into the PC of your home while sitting at your home. Isn’t that great?

This is actually a tool that helps you take access of machines that sit remotely and you are not physically present at that location. There are many other devices that are gettingbundled with this software too. There are many third party remote desktop applications which are easily available and some are also available from Microsoft itself which can be used for other platforms. You also do not have to install this software on your system, Microsoft is bundling this with all the machines that are coming these days. Hence you will be getting those anyways. You can easily search on net to see the functioning of this since there will be some knowledge requirement of ports and ip addresses to connect the 2 machines. Obviously the two machines have to be installed with this client for sure. There are many uses of this software, when you start using that you will get the best of the world since the user interface is amazing.


About Us

Hey guys, I am Dale Jones. I am writing this blog for the purpose to share my experience of using Microsoft Remote Desktop. I will also post the latest news and important articles collected from the web which would provide you with new ways to remain in touch with your desktop computer even if you are miles away. I have used many other softwares for this purpose before Microsoft developed this application. It is really helpful because of its user friendly nature and easy installation. If you have any query then remember that I am just as far from you as the 'contact us' tab from where your pointer currently is. Happy sharing :-)
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